“If you want to make a small fortune, start with a large fortune and angel invest” – Tim Ferriss, author and angel investor in Silicon Valley


There are many versions of this saying and I encountered it first in the real estate business many years ago.  It reflects a truism that investing in great ideas is easy, making a profit is hard, and beating the return of a simple index or fixed-income fund is exceptionally difficult.

So why is this my first post?  Because it reflects the amazing opportunity we have in Sweden with innovation and innovation financing!  Sweden seems to always be in the top 3 countries in the world for innovation, and we are currently seen as one of the hottest places in the world for discovering amazing new companies.  But entrepreneurs still report that getting access to the funding they need is hard.  Why is that?  Largely, because of the quote above.  Or, in other words, RISK.


For the purposes of the beginning of this blog, we’ll consider two main categories of risk: Innovation risk, and non-Innovation risk.  Why?  Because funding is available to mitigate both of these sources of risk as I talk about in podcast #1 Risk, Innovation and Swedish Capitalism.